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This page is a showroom to introduce my works.



Japanese for Pre-Biginners

Coming soon (maybe ...)!

I'm preparing a handmade textbook that differs from many textbooks on the market. My textbook originates from my experience in the classroom. I teach Japanese in an adult education center to students of various ages. During my classes I noticed that textbooks don't match to the level of many of my students. In my textbook I introduce ways to study Japanese by those who are NOT enrolled in an academic course at university level.



ウシがブーブー/Mòòòòò zegt de koe! (Japanese-Dutch version)

The is the first ebook that I published on Amazon. It is a Japanese-Dutch bilingual children's book. The story is told from different viewpoints, namely in Japanese and in Dutch. When two different languages meet, what will happen? Please enjoy this experimental bilingual work.