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Digital Syllabus


In this section I give some tips in the form of a column to those who start to study Japanese. In addition, I will publish an e-textbook to study Japanese. You can find online exercises for the ebook, but in order to get access to these exercises, you need a password that you can find in it.


Articles from the wind

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Exercises of textbook 1


Hiragana chart with alphabets (PDF) Verbs
Katakana chart with alphabets (PDF) Particles
  Conjugatons of adjectives (movie)
X wa Y desu  
Numbers & Kanji  

Online exercises

word order kanji categorize particles in the text
hiragana chart with alphabets kanji writing exercises particle ni
hiragana chart with stroke orders choose greetings 1 X wa Y desu + particles
hiragana chart without alphabets choose greetings 2 ru-verb and u-verb
hiragana writing exercises X wa Y desu 1 conjugations in sounds
hiragana card game X wa Y desu 2 conjugation list
hiragana writing pad question words sentence qualify nouns
reading hiragana words counters list te-form
long vowels choose counters 1 there is .../there are ...
katakana chart with hiragana choose counters 2 i-adjective and na-adjective
katakana chart with strok orders numbers 0-10 conjugation list
katakana writing practices numbers 11-100 modifier or in the predicats?
hiragana-katakana card game big numbers
katakana writing pad What time?
katakana words 1 calendar
katakana words 2 demonstrative pronouns